What Does Double Chance Mean in Betting? Explained

Betting on sports events can be both exciting and complex, with various betting options available. One such option is the “Double Chance” bet, which offers a unique approach to sports wagering.

In this article, we will explore what Double Chance means in betting, how it works, and its advantages for bettors.

What Does Double Chance Mean in Betting?

Double Chance is a type of sports bet that provides you with an increased likelihood of winning. Unlike traditional bets where you pick one outcome (e.g., a team to win or a draw), Double Chance allows you to cover two of the three possible results in a match. The three possible outcomes are typically represented as:

  • Home Team Win (1)
  • Draw (X)
  • Away Team Win (2)

With Double Chance, you can choose two of these outcomes in a single bet. The options usually include:

  • Home Team Win or Draw (1X)
  • Away Team Win or Draw (X2)
  • Home Team Win or Away Team Win (12)

How Double Chance Works

Think that there’s an upcoming football match between Team A and Team B. You are unsure which team will win, but you believe that Team A will either win or the game will end in a draw. In this case, you can place a Double Chance bet on “1X.”

If the match ends with any of the following results, your bet is a winner:

  • Team A wins (1)
  • The game ends in a draw (X)

You lose your bet only if Team B wins (2).

Advantages of Double Chance Betting

Here are the Advantages of Double Chance Betting:

Reduced Risk

Double Chance is a popular choice for risk-averse bettors. By covering two out of the three possible outcomes, you increase your chances of winning. This option is particularly useful in matches where the teams are evenly matched.

Higher Winning Probability

With Double Chance, your probability of winning increases from 33.33% (in traditional 1X2 bets) to 66.66%. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking higher chances of success.


Double Chance bets can be applied to various sports, including football, basketball, and tennis. It provides flexibility for bettors across different sports.

Strategic Betting

Double Chance allows you to apply strategic thinking to your bets. You can use it to balance the risk and reward, especially when you are unsure about the outcome.


Double Chance is a valuable tool in the sports betting world, offering an increased chance of winning while reducing risk. It caters to both novice and experienced bettors, providing a versatile option across different sports.

By understanding and effectively using Double Chance, you can enhance your betting strategy and potentially improve your success rate in the world of sports wagering.

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